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The Essential Accessory Guide

Essential Gear for a Great Ride

There are a few things you will need to get the most out of your riding experience... and ensure that you and your bike stay safe! 

We've curated a list of basic accessories and gear to get you started...

Explore our recommendations here, or visit us at the shop for expert advice from one of our friendly team members!


You've only got one brain, so we think getting a great bike helmet is a pretty important investment. Be sure to check out the Bontrager Wavecel helmets for maximum safety and newest technology.  And, all Bontrager helmets come with a 30-day Unconditional Guarantee AND a 1-year Crash Replacement Guarantee. Kind of makes the decision on your next brand of bicycle helmet a no-brainer, doesn't it? 

Bike Lights

Installing & using high quality daytime running lights is THE most important thing you can do when it comes to being visible to other vehicles on the road. Bontrager has been leading the way in their development of top quality daytime lighting systems for several years. We highly recommend that front & back daytime running lights be used on every bike in every condition. There’s never a bad time to shine.

While the laws haven't quite caught up with the safety studies yet, if you merely want to be legal, here's what they say: You need a light if you're riding at night, or within half an hour before sunset or after sunrise. 

Bike Locks

Bike theft sucks. Don't be the next bike theft victim. A good lock (and some good instruction on how to lock your bike properly) will go a long way to protecting your bike from being stolen. And don't forget about your wheels! If your bike is equipped with quick release wheels, you might want to explore options for keeping those locked up as well. Let's chat about your needs, and together we can find the most appropriate products for your bike and your cycling lifestyle. 

Water Bottles, Cages & Hydration Packs

Stay hydrated. Bringing water with you on a ride doesn't need to be difficult. We've got you covered. 


You bike doesn't stand up by itself. Kickstands offer a convenient and simple solution to fix that problem! Whether its for a mid-ride water break, a stop at the park, or storing your bike in your garage, this is one of the most practical add-ons we can recommend. 

The Bontrager Integrated Rear Mount Kickstand is recommended for all recent model years of Trek bikes due to it's streamlined & integrated frame mounting design. 

For all other bike brands, kickstand compatibility varies with frame design. Give us a call to discuss what might work for your frame style. 


Simple, stylish, ringy, dingy. Bells. 

Express yourself... or don't. But you need a bell. It's the law. 

Repair & Maintenance Items

Being prepared for the inevitable flat tire is always a good idea. 

A simple roadside repair kit includes: a multitool, a spare tube, tire levers, and a patch kit. You'll also need a pump or a CO2 inflator and cartridge.

(Most of these items will fit into a small bag attached to your bike, or the back pocket of your jersey.)

Between major tune-ups, its a good idea to keep your bike clean, your chain lubed, and your tires inflated. We've got a selection of lubes & cleaners ready to do the job... let us know if you need help to find the best products for your specific riding conditions. 

Cycling Clothing

Cycling apparel includes specific features that increase comfort and versatility. 

Jerseys made from stretchy fabrics with a zippered front help regulate body temperature while rear pockets hold ride essentials like snacks or a repair kit. 

Shorts and bibs are also made from stretchy fabrics and typically include padding in the seat — called a chamois — to reduce discomfort on long rides.

Gloves add comfort and protection by reducing sweaty palm slippage and absorbing vibration and pressure. 

Warm winter additions can help keep you cycling all year long - even when you think the weather is trying to tell you otherwise. 

Bike Repair & Service Packages

To ensure your new bike rides smoothly for many years to come, it's important to have it professionally serviced from time to time. 

All New Bike Purchases come with a Free 30-day Bike Tune-up. Please make sure you book yours!

After that, we highly recommend an annual assessment by our service team, where they can guide you to select the most appropriate service package for you & your bike's needs. 

Book online for the most efficient turn-around times! 

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