COVID-19 Update

Time for an update! We know that communication is key at this uncertain time, and we are committed to keeping you informed about our business practices.  And yes, we are still OPEN!

First, THANK YOU to everyone who is heeding our advice to:

  • Call ahead
  • Make appointments for service & sales
  • Utilize our new pick-up & delivery service
  • Stay home if you can

Social distancing is absolutely critical to ensuring the safety of our community, and, so far, our shop has been able to maintain a low-stress, lower-risk environment for our employees and our customers. We are hopeful that we can continue to service all of your cycling needs (both service and product) throughout this health threat.

How can we remain open, while still adhering to social distancing & infection control? 

Mostly, it’s about our store layout & design, which lends itself to easily maintaining the recommended 2 metres of space between people & make cleaning protocol execution easy.  

  • Fewer bikes & products displayed in the retail space 
  • Ample pathways and space for customers and employees to move around
  • Clean and uncluttered service desks 
  • Ample spacing between workstations

In addition to store layout, we have taken the following additional measures within our store to further minimize potential transmission:

  • Each mechanic has been assigned to one specific workstation, which will remain their own workstation throughout this health threat.  
  • Each mechanic station has its own workbench, complete with a full set of tools, not to be shared between mechanics. 
  • Each employee workstation is equipped with its own computer station & phone.
  • All employees are now required to wear gloves when accepting incoming bikes for repair or service. 
  • All bikes are given a full bike wash prior to repair. (Believe it or not, we actually did this even BEFORE the virus threat!) Your bike will get a warm, sudsy, disinfecting wash in our in-house bike wash station. :)
  • An area to wash hands is available to customers.
  • Hand sanitizers are available to all customers and employees.
  • All frequently touched surfaces, such as keypads, entry door handles & countertops are disinfected on an hourly basis with isopropyl alcohol solution. 

This list is by no means exhaustive, but we hope it reflects just how serious we are about maintaining the safety of our community. Let’s work together to make sure WE can keep working, so that YOU can keep riding!

Wishing good health to all.

Your Trek Kingston Team