Mechanical Services

48 Hour Service Guarantee on standard repairs.

Same Day Service Guarantee on all appointment based tune-ups and repairs.


Recommended for bikes that are clean, but in need of some minor adjustments.

Systems Check - $50

Includes adjustment of gears & brakes, tightening of stem & handlebars, lubrication of chain and tire inflation.


Recommended as preventative maintenance for all bikes at least once per year.

Standard Tune-Up - $85

Includes everything in the Systems Check, PLUS: Full cleaning of bike, adjustment of hubs and bottom bracket, lubrication of all cables and external moving parts, and light wheel truing.

Full Suspension MTB Edition - $130

Includes everything in the Standard Tune-Up (above), PLUS: Overhaul of the Linkage System on Full Suspension MTB.


Recommended as preventative maintenance for all bikes every 1-2 years.

Standard Tune-Up with Cables - $110

Includes everything in the Standard Tune-Up, PLUS: replacement of all cables and cable housing. Available for all bikes except drop-handlebar road bikes.

Road Bike Edition - $140

Includes everything in the Standard Tune-Up With Cables, PLUS: re-wrapping of handlebars with new standard bar tape.


Recommended every 2-3 years to ensure all bearing areas continue to function optimally.

Overhaul & Tune-Up - $200

Includes everything in the Standard Tune-Up With Cables, PLUS: complete disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly of the bike, and overhaul of all bearing areas.

Common Repairs

Parts not included in price

Labour Charges

Standard Tube / Tire Change - 1 wheel $12
Standard Tube / Tire Change - both wheels $20
Gear Adjustments - FRONT OR BACK $20
Gear Adjustments - both FRONT AND BACK $35
Brakes Adjustments - FRONT OR BACK $20
Brakes Adjustments - both FRONT AND BACK $35
Spoke Replacement - starts at… $18
Chain Installation $15
Wheel Truing - Minor $12
Wheel Truing - Medium $18
Wheel Truing - Major $30
Bike Boxing for shipping $45
Tubeless Setup (includes sealant) $25

Quick Fixes

Same day, always!

We do our best to attend to quick fixes, such as tube & tire changes or brake & gear adjustments, immediately. Often, we can do these repairs while you wait, but if we can’t, we’ll still make them a priority so that you can get back on your bike and riding the same day.

A free bike assessment & repair estimate will be given when the bike is brought into the shop. Sorry, estimates cannot not be given over the phone or via email.

The Same Day and 48 Hour Service Guarantees are limited to standard work orders not requiring special order parts. The turnaround guarantees do not include service where parts need to be ordered, sent back to the manufacturer, or are out of stock. Exclusions to the guarantee may apply to full bike overhauls, and power meter and suspension installations. For Same Day Service Guarantee, bike must be at shop by noon.

Bike Adjustment Services


Starts at $50

Observations and adjustments that aim to get you into a neutral and comfortable riding position include: cleat position, saddle height & position, bar height, stem angle, and lever positioning.


By Appointment Only, Starts at $200

Assessment and adjustments that aim to achieve your individualized optimal riding position include: comprehensive interview, off-bike physical assessment, saddle assessment & selection, cleat placement, saddle height & position, bar reach & drop, bar width & rotation, lever position, arch support, stance width, compensation for leg length discrepancies, and pre & post-fit bike measurements. Every effort is made to ensure your satisfaction with the fit results, and a return visit is offered at no extra charge, to ensure the recommendations are effective.



Trek FX1 or Trek Verve1

Available seasonally, June through August.

  • 1 day: $30
  • 2 days: $50
  • Additional days: $15

Rear rack, lock & helmet included.
Call the store to reserve.

Travel Bike Boxes

Hardcase Travel Boxes by Serfas

Available year round

  • Per day: $10
  • Per week: $50

Kids’ Bike Trade-Up Program

Bring back your old kids’ bike, get credit towards a new one.

Growth spurts happen. Luckily, with our Kids’ Bike Trade-Up Program, keeping your child on a bike that fits properly doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s how it works: When you purchase a kids’ bike at Trek Bicycle Kingston, you can bring it back within three years and receive 50% of the bike’s original purchase price in credit towards the purchase of a new, larger bike. It’s that simple!

What happens to the bikes you bring back? Some are resold here, so that our customers have a choice of buying new or used for their growing child. Eventually, all safe and rideable used kids’ bikes are donated to St. Vincent de Paul Society of Kingston or other local organizations. That way, your child has a comfortable, safe ride that fits, and so does someone else!

Financing Services


No Interest Credit Plan to our Canadian Forces and affiliates.

Financing for our Canadian Forces

For more information, or to see if you qualify, click on the links below.


An easy, affordable payment plan at your fingertips.

Financing for everyone

Need to explore financing options for your new bike purchase? Check out FinanceIt.


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